“Gilbert Blythe says being smart is better than being pretty.”

“Who ever thought we’d be watching Anne of Green Gables and drinking martinis?” Hope asks. And on the first snowy day at Boston-city, too. Happy time-changing day! I greeted the man standing next to me on the bus with this, and he eagerly began telling me about how he was two hours late to work every day anyway, and an extra hour would do nothing.

“Oh Diana, I feel as though you’ve tasted the bitterness of death.” says Anne when Diana is forced to abandon the Queens class to stay at the home and learn housework.

I visited the MFA today, especially to see the Ansel Adams exhibit – “Black and White.” It was magnificent. The snow was falling outside and I started to cry, deeply moved. One must realize that I am at a point in my life where everything is deeply moving unto tears. I recently teared up during an OSHA video at work orientation. Pathetic, eh? Not as pathetic as Linnea tearing up while describing “Feed the Birds” in Mary Poppins.

Last night, we ate with our male neighbors below. Ryan seems a tad halfhearted, but he has a serious girlfriend and is a special ed teacher. John is funny and an adventurous spirit – he is going to Israel next week just to see whats there. Our house talked to him for four hours. How come the Christians we know can’t be that interesting.

Mrytle-loy. That’s what Hope, who is horrendous with names, calls Marilla of Anne of Green Gables.

Dang it, I’ve got to clean the kitchen now.

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