Informational Reformational

This night is first one I see ever the Return of the Jedi. I never before see the movie.

We decide Yoda last words should say , “Make…. sure…. milk…. in….. fridge…. put…………”

Other thing I have to say that interesting:

Courtney Ann here, she eat our food. We are much happy, much glad. Today she buy leg sweater. Leg sweater with two blue stripe on left leg and right leg. Sparkling happiness is hope for our many hope. Joy drink us with Courtney.

Linnea Hope Laura John Gili. Jazz. Club. Keri Courtney Tami. Home. Cyber-Club. Boom boom to the blogs. Yes. We are too cool for everyone.

Last night we drank and evangelized. Poor unsuspecting guy who approached us. Didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

Courtney, Linnea and I visited the Boston Public Library, reading aloud the story of “Sir Galahan and Holy Grail” while viewing the Sargent paintings. We learned the Eve brought the branch of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil out of the garden with her, which grew into a white tree, which turned green when she conceived Cain (supposedly she was a virgin until after the Fall) and red when Cain killed Abel. Apparently Sir Galahan, poor chap, also remained a virgin until death (even though he was married) for the sake of remaining sinless for the quest. Great sexual doctrine.

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