Lucy, the Roman Goddess

Hello and hello. Did you know that for two years I had dreams with 1979 by the Smashing Pumpkins as the soundtrack? It wasn’t until college that I figured out what song it was that was echoing in my mind continually. When I realized the song (I had never heard the title before) I celebrated by screaming and vigorously hugging Richard Iserman. It still gives me chills. Our dog, Lucy, is trying (unsuccessfully, I must add) to woo me with her eyes. She seems to be under the impression that if her eyes are just a little more soft, I will give in and worship her, feeding her butter and panties while she lies on the prized red couch. I’m not quite to that level, but close.

Lucy is going to leave our lives forever soon. Unlike Linnea, who sees this as a truly blessed event, I’ll be quite heart broken (but less hairy). The tentative plan is to fly her to my parents’ house in Alabama, where my family dog (strangely also named Lucy) and a acre of yard awaits. It’s a pretty expensive venture, but we think that it would be worth it to have Lucy spend the rest of her life with other dogs, children, and a yard – with a family we trust and can visit.

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