… is the thing to say, on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day.

Here’s a hello to our friend Tami, who will be flying here TOMORROW. back from a Hawaiian Christmas with her family. Happy Christmas to all. As for me, I’m tired of celebration and irregular schedules. I’m feeling the pull of reorganization and recommitment to classes – this is the time I usually buy new school supplies and write “Be disciplined!” and “You will hate yourself if you make a poor grade in this class!” on the inside of my binders (which I have done in the past). The closest I can come to resolving that feeling is washing my laundry. arg – sometimes I really miss school.

The last few weeks have been eventful.
Evan Donovan, our good chum, came to visit and relax on our couch.
Evan and Laura accompanied me to my superb hospital party (with a chocolate fountain and crab claws).
My 14 year old brother took communion for the first time.
Lucy is gone from our lives forever (Hope’s mum took her away today).
We’ve spent another mirthful evening with our neighbor John, with homemade pizzas, wine, and a cheery seed spitting contest. Sometimes I’m worried that we have a parasidic relationship with him (he’s so generous with his money, car, etc.) but as we say, “As a dog returns to its vomit, John returns to the 3rd floor.”

I’m realizing how many of my entries can be categorized as “befuddled and unwashed.” Yet, somehow they always seem true.

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