– Keri learns how to call everything “brilllliant” in the British sense
– Keri learns that musicals really do happen
– Keri eats a scorpion with the neighbor downstairs
– Keri watches couches have sex
– Keri volunteers for the Salvation Army and keeps dropping the bell
– Keri tries to get the neighbor drunk
– Keri finds out that she is “everything Americans should be”
– Keri is chastized by her lesbian boss for letting faith get in the way of true love
– Keri is accused of smoking pot frequently
– Keri falls victim to many a snow fight, suffers greatly thereafter
– Keri watches “Next Stop Wonderland” with Hope Davis starring Hope Davis
– Keri takes communion
– Keri manages to avoid teaching ESL yet another week
– Keri cleans bathroom in preparation for the coming of Evan Donovan
– Keri cries when telling testimony to British friend
– Keri continues rumors at work by referring to her love child
– Keri goes hog wild grocery shopping with housemates and understands giddy domestic bliss
– Keri no longer must sleep with Linnea, after her windows are fixed
– Keri always gets very sleepy when time for reading Bible publicly, but revives after vigorously singing alto on Christmas carols
– Keri accidentally leaves the dog tied up outside the Chinese restaurant, forgets, frantically searches for the dog, and is chastized by the Watertown police, who find the dog 2 hours later
– Keri is quite happy with her life, though tired all the blooming time

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