Oda a la alcachofa

Greetings again, friends.

And then there were four… Tami has left us to scuba dive in Hawaii with her mum and family. Please keep speaking to our common Father about her (I enjoy the comfort of Brae’s quiet Christian China language). Laura is back from Uncle Rudy’s funeral and we are all inspired to wholly devote ourselves to God’s work.

In other news, I have been trying to read all of the important literature to make up for being a biology major. I just finished Les Miserables and To Kill A Mockingbird. Phchew… (that’s an Alex Neff noise). I’ve also invested in two poetry books, “The Poetry of Pablo Neruda” (1000 pages) and “Haiku” by Richard Wright. A few of my favorite haiku thus far:

Six cows are grazing;
The seventh stands near a fence,
Staring into space.

It is without taste,
Or am I a stranger here–?
These drops of spring dew.

In a misty rain
A butterfly is riding
The tail of a cow.
these are a few of my meager additions (modern because no seasonal word) inspired by my daily commute to work:

Indecisive beast
The revolving doors suck in
And quick, spit me out

Vulture commuters
Await the green subway train
To overrun it.

The elevator,
Workman with a hefty friend
Nitrogen tank

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